Say it with a Telegram!

Yes, you can compose and send a Telegram.

In today's world of fleeting communications, an endearing Telegram from you, will be long remembered.   Use a Telegram to announce an event, reaching a goal, or just to say thank you.   A Telegram, on paper, arriving by mail, has a lasting impact on the young and old alike.

We offer this service to discriminating companies.   Contact us via  801  815  9265  or 

Printed on Original Teletype Equipment

Data communication equipment from Teletype Corporation was built to 24 / 7 quality standards.

Some of these mechanical marvels are still operating today, 50 years later.

Each Telegram you create is printed on one of our teletypewriters, using sprocket feed paper and inked ribbons.   These are the same type teletypewriters that were used in the 1950's to print Telegrams, making each Telegram you send today, a unique and thoughtful creation.

Privacy and Security

Your privacy is high on our list of principles at  Telegram & Cable Co.   Your information comes to us from the Internet, and leaves via printed paper, for mail delivery.

But, there is no such thing as security when it comes to the Internet or computers.   Never send something you don't want to find its way into harmful hands.

The security of financial information is important.   We never share your individual information with third parties, except for payment information which we share with our financial institutions to process payments.