We send Telegrams via the post office.   Our customers compose what is sent,  and we take it from there.   We use Teletype Corporation's electro-mechanical teletypewriters to print the Telegrams,  making each one an original.


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Why Telegrams?

In today's world of fast superfluous communication, an endearing Telegram arriving by mail,  will be long remembered.   We make it easy to compose and send a Telegram to announce an event,  a goal,  or just to say thank you.

"Want your message to arrive immediately,  but soon forgotten?   Then  Text,  Email,  or  Snapchat  someone.

Want your message to stand out and be remembered?   Send a Telegram."

--  Brian W

Each Telegram is printed on sprocket feed paper,  using inked ribbons.

Send Telegram

Example Telegram - Multiple Styles to Choose From

Choose a Telegram design you like,  then a fitting postage stamp.   Rubber stamped messages such as Confidential or Open Immediately can be applied to the envelope.

Send Telegram

Matching Telegram Envelope

View how our Telegrams are typed . . .