Telegram & Cable Co.
Telegram and Cable Co.


Our customers span three continents and are important to us . . .

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Africa

We love customers that . . .

  • Are creative.
  • Have common sense.
  • Enjoy insensitive jokes.
  • And love sending Telegrams ! ! !

How It Works

Each Telegram you create is typed on our Teletype machines, using sprocket feed paper, and inked ribbons.  Our Teletypes make each Telegram you send through the mail, an original thoughtful creation.

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Did You Know . . .

  • It takes ~72 seconds to electro-mechanically type each Telegram.
  • Recipients receiving their first Telegram, remember it dearly.
  • Telegrams are usually delivered from us to the Post Office within one business day.

Teletype Model 28 ASR

Example Telegram

Standard Design

Example Telegram

Choose a Telegram design you like, then a fitting postage stamp.  Rubber stamped messages such as  Confidential  or  Open Immediately  can also be applied to the envelope.

Send an original Telegram today . . .

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