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Enter Message

Standard Telegram Header Compose your message to announce an event,reaching a goal, or or to just to say thank you, and enter it on our our Send Telegram page.

We also have Telegram Message Ideas to get you started.

Choose Options

Mark Twain Forever Stamp Select from a few designs, then choose your postage, and whether the outside envelope should be rubber stamped.

Provide us with an email address and we'll confirm when your Telegram has been typed and delivered to the Post Office.

Make Payment

Four stacked credit cards We present your order for review, especially to double-check the mail delivery address.

If all is good, you then pay using most credit/debit cards.


Teletype Model 28 ASR Within one business day (usually the same day) your Telegram is typed on our restored Teletypes using sprocket feed paper and inked ribbons.

These same machines typed Telegrams in the 1960's.

Mail Delivery

Stamped Telegram Envelope We then deliver to the Post Office for First Class mail delivery, a stamped envelope with your Telegram inside.  Postal delivery usually takes 3-5 business days within the United States, and 10-20 days internationally.  Delivery not guaranteed nor insured.

You can check online with your Order ID whether Telegram has been processed and delivered to the Post Office.

If you provided us with an email address, we will send an email once Telegram has been typed and delivered to the Post Office.

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