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Sending Multiple Telegrams

We Made It Easy . . .

  • Email us at to describe the type of Telegram you want to send and the number of recipients.
  • We'll then send you a spreadsheet form to enter the Telegam message, it's features, and to list the recipient addresses.
  • When we receive spreadsheet back, we will send you a scan of what your Telegrams will look like, and include a payment link.
  • Once you approve the Telegram and we receive your payment, the Telegrams are then typed and mailed out on the day you specify.

Email us the type of Telegram you want to send and the number of recipients . . .


$7 / Standard Design
$8 / All Other Designs

We do not discount multiple Telegrams for two reasons . . .

  • We already offer the lowest priced Telegrams.
  • We individually process, electro-mechanically type, and check each Telegram manually to ensure accuracy, whether it is just one Telegram, or hundreds.

Did You Know . . .

  • It takes ~72 seconds to electro-mechanically type each Telegram.
  • Recipients receiving their first Telegram, remember it dearly.
  • A saved Telegram will still be readable 100 years from now.

Teletype Model 28 ASR (Automatic Send Receive) at our Printing Facility

Example Telegram

We offer a few Telegram designs to choose from, plus you can add a vanity postage stamp, and rubber stamped messages such as  Confidential  or  Open Immediately  to the outside envelope.

Example Telegram Envelope