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I'm faced with a quandary, whether to ----- or to -----.  Can you share what you would do?  You have always been so insightful in these matters.  I look forward to your thoughts.

In most profound perplexity

The streets are filled with water.  Please advise.


This is the final time we will contact you about your overdue amount of -----, due on -----.  We are known for our courteous service, and also known for keeping our accounts in order.  We intend to keep our reputation for both.  Unless we receive payment in full, by -----, we will have ----- pay you a visit.

Your company is but a smidgen away from being placed on our corporate black list.  We show that you have an overdue amount of -----, which was due on -----.  This is the kind of thing, up with which, we will not put!


It was a pleasure to learn you are now -----.  The path has been long and hard, but you never gave up.  Please accept my congratulations.

Let me add our congratulations to the many you are receiving.  We are proud that you're our new -----.  We all can now look forward to a period of great prosperity.  Congratulations.  Job well done!

Hard Hitting

How could you be so crass?

Are you out of your mind?

What possessed you to say -----, in our last meeting?

In my ----- years of -----, I have never been so insulted.

Thank You

It made our day when we opened the ----- you sent us.  We can’t wait to use the ----- to -----.  We look forward to seeing you next -----.  Again, thank you for your generosity.  We were so excited about -----.  We'll let you know all about it when -----.  With Love.

The ----- you sent was a wonderful gesture.  You remembered my special fondness for -----, and this brought a smile to my face.  I'm looking forward to using the -----.  You are a kind person.  Again, thank you. 


Your frills and poise makes you sweet, and the way you smile makes me tweet.  Be my Valentine!

While this day of St. Valentine's shall come to pass, you can be sure it did not go fast.  Through this note I say to you, you will always be my Valentine!