Why Telegrams?

In a world of fast superfluous communications, an endearing Telegram arriving by mail,  will be long remembered.   Our Telegrams get noticed since they are unexpected,  novel,  and creative.   They are great for saying . . .

•  Thank You
•  Congratulations
  - Degree   - Promotion   - Award
  - Marriage   - Save the Date   - Birth
•  Personal
  - Happy Birthday   - Invitation   - Hello
  - Get Well   - Condolence   - Love
•  Business
  - Announcement   - Proposal   - Goal
  - Cancellation        

A Telegram typed on paper,  delivered by mail,  has a lasting impact on the young and old alike.   Send a Telegram today!

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Sending Multiple Telegrams

Example Telegram - Multiple Styles to Choose From

Choose a Telegram design you like,  then a fitting postage stamp.   Rubber stamped messages such as Confidential or Open Immediately can be applied to the envelope.

Send Telegram

Matching Telegram Envelope

View how our Telegrams are typed . . .