Telegram & Cable Co.
Telegram and Cable Co.

Why Telegrams

In a world of nonstop communications, an endearing Telegram arriving by mail, will be long remembered.  Our Telegrams get noticed since they are unexpected, novel, and creative.  The're great for saying . . .

Thank You

– Gesture
– Gift


– Degree
– Promotion
– Award
– Marriage
– Save the Date
– Birth


– Happy Birthday
– Invitation
– Hello
– Get Well
– Condolence
– Love


– Announcement
– Proposal
– Goal
– Cancellation


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A Telegram typed on paper, delivered by mail, has a lasting impact on the young and old alike.

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Multiple Telegrams

Example Telegram

Choose a Telegram design you like, then a fitting postage stamp.  Rubber stamped messages such as  Confidential  or  Open Immediately  can also be applied to the envelope.

Send an original Telegram today . . .

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View how our Telegrams are typed . . .


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