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Compose and Send a Telegram for $15

In today's world of fleeting communications,  an endearing Telegram from you will be long remembered.   Send one to announce an event,  reaching a goal,  or just to say thank you.   A Telegram typed on paper,  delivered by mail,  has a lasting impact on the young and old alike.

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Original Telegram Equipment

These Teletype machines typed Telegrams in the 1950's and were built by Teletype Corporation to run 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.

We use these same electro-mechanical machines to type out each Telegram you send.

If you have something to say,  and want it remembered,  have it typed on sprocket feed paper,  using inked ribbons,  now!

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Privacy and Security

Privacy is high on our list of priorities at Telegram & Cable Co.   But with that said,  there is no such thing as security when it comes to the Internet or computers.   Never send us anything you don't want to find its way into harmful hands.   Remember,  your information comes to us via the Internet,  an insecure place.

The security of your payment information is important.   For this reason,  we use top quality firms to process all payments.   We never see or store any customer payment information ourselves.

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Why Telegrams?

A memorable way to say . . .

•  Thank You
•  Congratulations
  - Degree   - Promotion   - Award
  - Married   - Birth   - Goal
•  Personal
  - Happy Birthday   - Invitation   - Hello
  - Love   - Condolence   - Get Well
•  Business
  - Announcement   - Proposal    

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