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Vintage Telegram Order Forms

From 1930's through 1960's.

If a customer could not come up with their own Telegram message,
these forms would let them select from pre-written ones . . .

Telegram Form - 1967 Golden Gate Expo

Postal Telegraph Golden Gate Expo, 1939.  Available at the California Golden Gate International Exposition.  Short messages so visitors could announce their attendance to family and friends, for 25¢.  Text Messaging, 75 years ago!

Telegram Form - ~1935 Holiday Greetings

Postal Telegraph Holiday Greetings, ~1935.  Postal Telegraph was playing 2nd fiddle to Western Union, so it tried harder with more colorful order forms.

Telegram Form - 1959 Santa-Gram

Western Union Santa-Gram, 1959.  Very 1950's looking.  Notice they are asking for the sender's phone number at the bottom.

Telegram Form - 1967 Santa-Gram

Western Union Santa-Gram, 1967.  By 1967, Western Union was struggling to keep going, as telephone calls were getting cheaper, and cutting in on the Telegram business.  At the bottom of the form they are promoting their DollyGrams and CandyGrams, as options too.

Telegram Form - 1937 Valentine

Western Union St. Valentine's Day, 1937.  Pick a greeting, like # 211 "With a dash, a dot and then a stop..."or write your own on the back.  A 35¢ 15-word telegram in 1937 would cost more like $12 today, when adjusted for the rise in the price of gold since then.

Telegram - 1937 Valentine Envelope

The telegram message was typed on the same colorful paper and was delivered in a matching image envelope.

Telegram Form - 1948 Thanksgiving

Western Union Thanksgiving, 1948.  The imagery was of the ideal family, something to strive for.

Telegram Form - ~1936 Thanksgiving

Postal Telegraph Thanksgiving, ~1936.  Postal Telegraph, still trying harder with their colorful order forms.  Note at bottom left says: "You may also send money, flowers, cigars, candy, books, and other gifts..."

Telegram Form - ~1938 Bon Voyage

Postal Telegraph Bon Voyage, ~1938.  The colors and layout, almost made you want to also be on the voyage too.

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